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Aurelie Ablay & Luc Randolph

Who are we?

Aurélie Ablay
Luc Randolph

We are deeply committed to sustainability; commitments that shape our daily lives outside the studio. La Fabrique du Ciel Bleu is an extension of our commitments and skills, both scientific (Luc has a PhD in materials science) and human. 

We are part of those who question the boundaries between manufacturing and design, between industry and craftsmanship to see them as places of exchange and learning.


La Fabrique du Ciel Bleu

We -Aurélie and Luc- founded La Fabrique du Ciel Bleu in 2020 with the aim of exploring ways of producing (traditional and modern) to create in a world in full transformation. Our studio/workshop serves as a platform to explore combinations of techniques and materials that minimize environmental impact and enhance human work.

Above all, at a time when rationalizing the use of energy(s) is becoming essential and when the right choice of materials conditions our collective future, we want to propose concrete and thoughtful alternatives, mature and actionable ideas.

A design studio

The studio dimension of our activity focuses on eco-design, the use of natural or renewable materials and their combination in contemporary designs.

Eco-design is a complete vision of the life of a creation that requires us to rethink the manufacturing, the uses and especially to foresee the end of life (dismantlability, recycling, reuse). In order to reintroduce more low footprint materials, generally natural, our design must also consider the maintenance of these materials that "live", unlike conventional synthetics.

Our expertise is twofold: we can accompany other studios in eco-design, but also design installations that deploy natural materials and artisanal techniques.

A manufacturing workshop

The manufacturing is carried out in self-production in our workshop mainly equipped with hand tools. Over time, our designs come to life with the force of the plane and the chisel; textiles are knotted and woven on wooden frames; recycled plastic is cut, trimmed and assembled.

As our work progresses, our experience with materials develops and we are able to advise designers in search of alternatives, but also individuals in search of custom-made products.

A place for research

The research includes our applied experimental and artistic investigations.

Recognizing that the choice of materials and techniques is limited for self-production, we develop our own solutions. This approach is based on our scientific background as well as on the actions pursued by other studios and fab labs.

Furthermore, we examine ways of practicing an art that is aware of its environment and that questions without destroying.