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Lighthouse lamp, oxidised wood


  • A sustainable light designed and manufactured in Brussels
  • Belgian oxidised solid wood and natural finish
  • Lampshade made of bio-based plastic, from renewable sources
  • Recycled plastic (rPET) socket cover

The light plays with the lampshade, projecting patterns onto nearby surfaces. A lamp with a contained footprint and a striking visual.

The luminaire is supplied with an LED bulb.

Delivery time for this product is 2-3 weeks.


With the Phare lamp we offer a table or bedside lamp whose soft, warm light is filtered through a shell that depicts the coastal world.

Phare was designed with the technical developments of the 19th century in mind. The lighthouses of the time were equipped with new lenses, increasing their range significantly; lenses with a particular geometry. We were inspired by the play of light on these surfaces, as well as by the idea of guidance and protection of the brave sailors of past centuries.

This design presents soft curves and an incredible play between the light and the shade. The base has been chosen and worked on to further recall the naval world, with aged wood, which tells the story of a lifetime of travel.

This luminaire combines all these concepts and character in a small volume.


Its small size allows it to be placed on a shelf, a chest of drawers or any other small piece of furniture in a living room. Once the lamp is switched on, the soft light glows and casts geometric shadows. It is therefore best to place it near a wall or a reflective surface (glass) to get the most out of its character.

The luminaire is supplied with a G9 bulb.

Wooden and plastic surfaces can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Wood can be maintained with linseed oil or a natural wax. Wood is a living material and its colour will change over time, especially on this oxidised version.

Each Phare luminaire with an oxidised wooden base is handcrafted and may differ slightly from the photos shown.

Technical data

Dimensions and color

The luminaire has the following dimensions: 12 cm (width), 18 cm (length) and 16 cm (height).

The base is a mixture of different colours: the oiled oxidised wood is grey-green, slightly yellow-orange or even black, depending on the wood grain, age, etc. Each base is different.

Mounting & electrical details

The luminaire is delivered assembled.

Flexible black round cable with cotton fabric wrapping, black two-pole switch and black wall plug. Bulb base G9, max 25W.

The LED bulb has a power of 5W, an intensity of 450 lumens and a warm white colour (2700K). Lifetime indicated by our supplier is 50 000 hours.

Materials and origin of the parts

The luminaire is made in our workshop from solid wood (beech, Brussels origin), biodegradable plastic (PLA, France) and recycled plastic (rPETg, Netherlands). The electric cable, switch and plug are CE and made in Italy. The bulb and the G9 socket are CE marked.

Manufacturing methods

The beech base is handcrafted from graded wood and oxidised with iron oxide. This non-toxic treatment is then followed by a natural treatment with linseed oil to protect the wood. The polymers are shaped by 3D printing. The electrical parts are then assembled and mounted on the base. All parts can be dismantled.

For more details about the materials or the manufacturing process, visit our manufacturing page.