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Pi bench


This solid wood bench is inspired by the symbol Π (Pi), which appears in geometry. Pi is a natural number that can be found in the calculation of the area of a circle. The shape of the symbol and the curves are found together in the lines of the Pi bench. This wooden bench is both structural and soft, and represents the strength and flexibility of the inhabitants of our forests.

Its depth of 28 cm ensures that it takes up little space to fit into any space. Functional and pure, this bench magnifies the entrance of a living space.

  • Responsible and artisanal manufacturing in Brussels
  • Solid wood from managed forests (EU)
  • Natural finish and velvet touch

Dimensions: 110 x 28 x 45 cm.

Delivery time for this product: 5-6 weeks. Delivered unassembled.


The Pi bench is made entirely of certified sustainable solid beech. This wood is historically the most used wood for structural designs, which are meant to serve - to be useful. We see this piece of furniture as an encounter between function and aesthetics. Placed at the entrance of a living space, a solid wood design bench indeed brings a feeling of comfort and life.

Furthermore, we have drawn Pi with geometry in mind. Seen from the front, the bench traces the lines of the Π symbol. The severity of the symbol is tempered; we have rounded some of the lines to soften the pattern, as with our Forest table. Finally, the seat of the bench has been openworked to contrast with the massive appearance of the legs.

The simple design at first glance, which then gives way to the details, makes this bench a unique creation. The solid brass screws contrast with the natural wood.


The bench is designed to seat up to 2 people. The legs do not scratch the floor.

Pi is made of 100% solid beech, a hard and durable wood. It is advisable to maintain this finish by renewing it every year in order to preserve the softness of the wood. As this material is natural and untreated, its colour may change over time.


Technical data

Dimensions and color

The bench has the following dimensions: 110 cm long, 28 cm deep and 45 cm high.

The wood is a natural colour. As wood is a natural material, variations in patterns are expected with each production compared to the photos shown.


The bench is sold unassembled. Simple assembly requires a flat head screwdriver - please refer to the assembly instructions supplied with the product. Please contact us for an alternative mounting solution.

Materials and origin of the parts

The Pi bench is 100% manufactured in our workshop from solid wood (EU beech).

The screws and metal inserts are manufactured in Europe and Asia.

Manufacturing methods

The beech wood is handcrafted from untreated graded wood. The surface of the wood is protected with a natural wax (beeswax/linseed oil).

Metal inserts are placed in the wood to secure the legs to the seat and crossbar. This solution allows for easy assembly/disassembly. The furniture can be disassembled into a set of flat-packed parts.

For more details about the materials or the manufacturing process, visit our manufacturing page.