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Bridge coffee table


  • Eco-responsible manufacturing in Brussels
  • Solid wood and natural finish
  • Biobased plastic from renewable sources

Bridge has pure, slender lines. The unique patterns of the solid wood top invite you to read a story, to (re)see the beauty of natural materials.

Dimensions: 110 x 45 x 38 cm.

Delivery time for this product: 3-4 weeks.


Bridge is a coffee table that combines solid wood and bio-based plastic. The design draws inspiration from both Japanese architecture and modern bridge structures. With Bridge, we wanted to highlight the visual lightness of these incredible buildings. We also sought to revisit the shape of a classic table, curving the legs and keeping the usual ratios so as not to impact on its function.

In terms of materials, the solid wood gives a warm look. The plastic legs are soft to the touch and slightly textured.

This coffee table is ideal for getting together with friends or family for any social occasion.


The solid wood top receives a natural finish using linseed oil, ensuring excellent longevity. The only precaution: avoid placing hot containers directly on the surface.

The coffee table was crafted to be light weight (7 kg), while resisting to a load up to 20 kg. Do not use as a seat.

The feet do not scratch the ground.

Delivered unassembled. The assembly is easy and only requires a screwdriver. Please refer to the assembly instructions supplied with the product.

Wooden and plastic surfaces can be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. Wood can be maintained every two years with a coat of linseed oil. Wood is a natural, untreated material and its colour can change over time.

Technical data

Dimensions and color

The coffee table has the following dimensions: 110 cm long, 45 cm wide and 38 cm high.

The legs are white. The wood is a natural colour. As wood is a natural material, slight variations in pattern are expected with each production run.


The coffee table is sold disassembled. The simple assembly is detailed in the instructions supplied with your order. The assembly only requires a screwdriver.

Materials and origin of the parts

The coffee table is made in our workshop from solid wood (beech, Brussels origin) and biosourced and biodegradable plastic * (PLA, France).

The screws and bolts (cross bolts and metal inserts) are manufactured in Europe and Taiwan.

* PLA can be composted in suitable industrial facilities.

Manufacturing methods

The beech is handcrafted from calibrated wood and receives a natural treatment as a final protection (raw linseed oil). The polymer is shaped by 3D printing.

Metal inserts are placed in the wood to secure the legs to the tabletop. This solution allows for easy assembly and disassembly.

For more details about the materials or the manufacturing process, visit our manufacturing page.