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Frame Stool


  • Responsible manufacturing in Brussels
  • Belgian solid wood and natural finish
  • Recycled plastic tray

Wood elevates a recycled acrylic seat to form a very graphic stool. The lines meet as if in a perspective drawing exercise. The stool can also be used as a coffee table.

Dimensions: 45 x 35 x 45 cm.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks.



Often we make one (or more) sketches on paper before going digital. The perspective drawing reveals the volumes that were only an idea. This exercise itself was the inspiration for the design of the Frame stool.

The legs face each other at an angle that suggests a meeting, like that of the vanishing lines in the drawing. The tabletop rests on the legs without obscuring the geometric strength. To align with our passion for the structural, we choose visible, through-hole fixings. Frame hides nothing and demonstrates a combined use of wood and recycled plastic.


The acrylic tray is not sensitive to liquids and is easily cleaned with soap and water. Avoid placing hot containers directly in contact.

The wooden legs do not scratch the floor.

Wooden and plastic surfaces can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Wood can be maintained with linseed oil or natural wax. The colour of the wood will change over time.

Technical data

Dimensions and color

The stool has the following dimensions: 45 cm wide, 35 cm wide and 45 cm high.

The legs are made of natural wood. As wood is a natural material, variations in patterns can be expected with the photos shown.

The acrylic tray is transparent, with matte edges left rough (deburred edges).


The stool is delivered unassembled to reduce the transport footprint. Simple assembly is detailed in the instructions supplied with your order. Assembly requires only a hexagonal screwdriver.

Materials and origin of the parts

The stool is made in our workshop from solid wood (beech, Brussels origin) and recycled plastic (acrylic (PMMA), European origin). The linseed oil used for the finish comes from Belgium or France.

The screws and metal inserts are manufactured in Europe and Taiwan.

Manufacturing methods

The beech is worked by hand from raw wood. The legs are finished with several coats of linseed oil without any siccatives. A natural and healthy finish.

We receive the recycled plastic in the form of panels, which are cut and then worked like wood (surfacing, drilling, etc.). As a final step, the edges are deburred (an aesthetic, non-cutting finish) while the edges are left uncut to reduce waste. For a different finish, please contact us.

Metal inserts are placed in the wood to secure the legs to the seat. This solution allows for easy assembly and disassembly.

For more details about the materials or the manufacturing process, visit our manufacturing page.