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Lana lined carpet

1 100 

  • A responsible hand-knotted in Brussels
  • Generous thickness for great comfort
  • 100% recycled cotton, EU origin
  • OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton
  • No glue or other VOC producing products

Dimensions: length 122 cm, width 80 cm

The diamond pattern, the central line and the regularity of the knots create a beautiful symmetry. The natural material and its certification guarantee a healthy and durable carpet. Made in 40 hours of handwork.

Delivery time for this product is 5-6 weeks.


Each handmade knot is reminiscent of the facets of a diamond. The repetition of this pattern reminds us of a jewel carpet. We see a treasure, a precious creation.

The symbolism of the diamond reminds Aurélie of a particular memory. A trip to Asia, a spectacular bay, mother-of-pearl pearls like countless natural jewels. This carpet bears the rewritten name of this bay as a tribute to the jewels that nature can offer.

T repetition of hand worked knots evoke time; time for the mind to travel, to evoke memories and to daydream.


With its rectangular format, the rug easily accompanies a coffee table or other pieces of furniture. The contrasting central line directs the eye; we like it placed prominently to structure a room.

The generous thickness provides real comfort underfoot. The hand-knotted recycled cotton gives a soft comfort to the mat.

Technical data

Dimensions and color

Length 122 cm and width 80 cm.

As each rug is handmade and handcrafted, the colour and dimensions may vary slightly.

If you like the Lana rug in its lineage version but would like to see it in another colour or size, please contact us.

Materials and origin

The carpet is made of 100% recycled cotton from the EU. The cotton used comes from old cotton clothes that have been re-processed into yarn. It is certified according to the OEKO-Tex Standard 100, which guarantees the absence of substances that are harmful to health.

Manufacturing method

The carpet is entirely hand-knotted from different spools of 5 mm thread. 8 threads are needed to form a single diamond knot.

It takes 40 hours to make a Lana mat. The manual rhythm ensures a regular and strong tension on the knots. This regularity not only ensures symmetry but also gives the mat its strength.