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Forest coffee table


  • Responsible manufacturing in Brussels
  • Solid wood (ash, EU origin) and natural finish
  • Tray in recycled plastic from the EU

An elegant coffee table inspired by a forest world. It shows vertical lines between two planes: the ground and the canopy. Forêt brings roundness, fresh colours and warmth with its solid grained wood and the upper shelf speckled with green and blue notes. The lower shelf can be used as a display for books or for magazines being read.

Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 40 cm.

Delivery time for this product: 4-5 weeks.

Note: Solid wood is a natural material. The recycled plastic is handcrafted. Therefore each Forêt table is different from another and has unique patterns and details.


Forêt draws its inspiration from our walks in the forest. "Being under the trees, in a universe of brown and green tones under a blue sky"; this is the inspiration that guided us in the design of this coffee table. The solid wood legs rise up like trunks, framing a first tabletop with natural and sinuous lines.

The top tray made of recycled plastic is reminiscent of the canopy with a mottled pattern.


The top has good wear resistance and is not sensitive to liquids. Avoid direct contact with hot containers.

The wooden legs do not scratch the floor.

Supplied unassembled. Assembly requires the supplied Allen key. Please refer to the assembly instructions supplied with the product.

Wooden and plastic surfaces can be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. Wood can be maintained with linseed oil or natural beeswax. The colour of the wood will change over time.

Technical data

Dimensions and color

The coffee table has the following dimensions: 80 cm in length, 40 cm in width and 40 cm in hight.

The legs are made of natural wood. As wood is a natural material, variations in patterns can be expected with the photos shown.

The upper tray is speckled and has a green and blue pattern. Each tray is handmade in a workshop in the Netherlands and the pattern changes with each production.


The coffee table is delivered unassembled to reduce the transport footprint. Simple assembly is detailed in the instructions supplied with your order. Assembly requires the supplied Allen key.

Materials and origin of the parts

The coffee table is made in our workshop from solid wood (ash, origin Germany/EU) and recycled plastic (polycarbonate (PC), origin EU). The plastic contains inclusions and bubbles resulting from its handcrafted manufacture. These particularities have no impact on the durability of this coffee table.

The linseed oil used for finishing comes from Belgium or France.

The screws and metal inserts are manufactured in Europe and Taiwan.

Manufacturing methods

Ash is handcrafted from raw wood. After assembly and sanding, the wooden surfaces are protected with several coats of linseed oil (without siccatives - heavy metals). This is a natural and healthy finish.

We receive recycled plastic in the form of panels, which are cut and processed like wood (surfacing, drilling, etc.). We take great care to minimise our waste at these stages and with this type of material.

For more details about the materials or the manufacturing process, visit our manufacturing page.